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    • Metalman10

      Connect with us!   08/23/2016

      Come chat with us! We always love to hear new ideas and meet new people! Join the TeamSpeak at this IP: expgaming.net
    • Caesar

      Staff Applications are Open!   02/20/2017

      Want to become a member of our amazing staff team? Have any hidden talents or Arma 3 development skills? Well now is your time to shine! EXP has grown to be one of the largest Arma 3 communities and THE largest community hosting explicitly Exile servers. With growth, comes the need to bring on additional staff.  Head on over to the Staff Applications [OPEN] thread here: http://forum.expgamingcommunity.com/forum/36-staff-applications-open/ We look forward to reviewing your app!  
    • Metalman10

      Battleye Messages In Game Info ** Please Read **   02/20/2017

      Hello, In the past day BIS has noticed we are taking donations on our server and giving items in return to the people that donate. This doesn't exactly meet their monetization rules that BIS has set for all ArmA 3 servers. Normally we would just apply for a monetization license and be allowed to take donations and give stuff in return like we are now. BUT we used CUP (Community Upgrade Project) mods on our server. CUP developers state that we arent allowed to take donations and give anything in return while the mods are active on the server. With that said we have 3 options here to pick from/but not limited to: Opt 1 : Change our mods : Only mods that need changing would be CUP Units - CUP Weapons - CUP Vehicles. CUP Core and CUP Terrains are fine and wont effect us. Opt 2 : Stop giving items in return of donating : So currently if you donate you get items in return. If we go this route then that will be stopped and you will donate and only get a nice warm hug and thankyou from the staff team. Other than that nothing else... We have made a topic for everyone to vote on what we should do and any other ideas. If your question is will EXP die? No we will not and i will make sure that i will do everything in my power from keeping that happening! Please we need your thoughts and ideas! QUICK! - Regards,     Metalman10 [ EXP || Lead DEV || Founder]


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